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Watch Rachel Get into a Race for Popularity on Glee Season 2 Episode 13!


There’s always been something about the character of Rachel Berry on the Glee series, played by Lea Michele, which makes one’s heart go out to her. Even though she’s no bombshell, and has got the ordinary-girl-next-door looks, yet she’s definitely got a big heart and a lovable personality, both of which are rare to find in the elite social circles depicted on the show. If you’re a fan of this adorable cheerleader, you must get a Glee season 2 episode 13 download as it gets aired, since the episode will focus on Rachel.

Entitled ‘Comeback’, the episode, which is the next of the Glee season 2 episodes, will see Rachel attempting to pave her way back to the top of the social hierarchy at McKinley High, with the help of Brittany. Taking from all that we’ve been seeing of Rachel on the show, what’s for sure is that she’s far from perfect, and somehow manages to drag herself into the messiest of situations.

While that may be perceived as clumsy by many, there’s no denying the fact that her imperfections are what actually make her desirable and attractive. The character of Rachel enjoys a mass appeal for being like any of us- unsure about her feelings, prone to committing mistakes and keen for popularity.

We’ll get a glimpse of each of these aspects of Rachel’s personality as we tune in to Glee season 2 episode 13 online or catch up with the episode on TV as and when it goes on air.

The ongoing season has definitely been a tough one for Rachel, as it witnessed her going through endless upheavals, both on the romantic front as well as within her family. Her breakup with Finn and all the repercussions that it had was a major shocker on this season’s plot.

Moreover, it was poignant to watch her only wish getting fulfilled, only to be met with disappointment. This happened as she finally met her birth mother, who was the Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran, but failed to form a connection with her.

With so much going against Rachel, is it finally the time for things to take a turn for the positive? Watch Glee season 2 episode 13 to find out.