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The CW Jumps on the ‘Glee’ Bandwagon


File this one under “What took them so long?”

The first ‘Glee‘ copycat is finally in the works. According to Deadline Hollywood, The CW is developing a “musical and dancing dramedy” called ‘Acting Out’ from ‘Bandslam’ writer/director Todd Graff.

But it’s got a twist: the show is being described as ‘Glee’ combined with another unlikely pop cultural source — ‘Bad Santa.’ The series “explores relationships of counselors and staff of a down-on-its-luck summer camp whose new owner is a young curmudgeon in the vein of Billy Bob Thornton in ‘Bad Santa.'”

Graff’s familiar with both the performing arts and the summer camp territory. He wrote and directed the 2003 film ‘Camp,’ about a musical theater summer camp for Broadway wannabes, which starred a pre-‘Up In the Air’/Oscar nomination Anna Kendrick.

It seems like a perfect fit for the younger-skewing CW, but a TV musical is hard to pull off. (See: ‘Cop Rock,’ ‘Viva Laughlin’) But Graff knows the subject matter well, so he could succeed. We’ll just have to wait and see.