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Glee Season 3 will not have guest stars


The ever loved Glee episodes will be back with a new season in September. To be more specific on 20th September 2011 Glee season 3 Premiere episode will be aired. Fans are really awaiting this date as it is being heard that several changes will be brought in the new episodes.

Ryan Murphy has revealed that Glee Season 3 episodes will be more focused on the storylines revolving around the main characters and thus there will be less music. And with this news comes the news that Murphy has decided that this time upcoming Glee episodes will not be having celebrity guest stars.

No guest stars means fans of Glee episodes will not get to see Kristin Chenoweth, who used to play the role of April Rhodes. Fans simply loved April but unfortunately they will not be able to see her in the series. Kristin is upset about this as she loved her role but she understands that Murphy wants to focus on the main characters and accordingly made such a move.

Other than Kristin, Charice who used to play the role of Sunshine Corazon will also not be seen in upcoming
Glee Season 3 episodes.

Elimination of guest stars from the Glee Season 3 episodes must be disappointing news for many. Let us just hope that the plan to concentrate on characters in upcoming Glee episodes works. To catch the upcoming episodes watch “Glee” online.