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Glee Season 3 will have two new guest stars


Glee episodes will soon return with all new episodes focusing on characters. On 20th September we will be watching Glee Season 3 Premiere episode. And as we await for the premiere we are coming across several updates as to what will be coming in upcoming Glee Season 3 episodes.

We know that students or rather say characters will be graduating this season and creators have said that more emphasis will be laid on the characters so we will get to see more into the lives of the characters. According to the earlier update we know that Harry Chum Jr.’s character Mike Chang is now a regular cast in Glee episodes and it makes it obvious that we will see much on Mike and his parents are part of it.

The latest update about Glee Season 3 episodes is that we will be seeing Tamlyn Tomita and Keong Sim in guest appearance as Mike Chang’s parents. They will be appearing in Glee Season 3 Episode 3 on October 4th. However the reason why they will be appearing is not known yet as to whether they will be simply there to meet their son or will Mike introduce them to Tina. Tina is a junior in Glee episodes and Tina and Mike is a couple. Lets wait for the upcoming episodes to know more.

Tamlyn is not new, she has made appearances in “Monk”, “The Mentalist”, “Criminal Minds”, “CSI: Miami” and had a recurring role in “Law & Order: Los Angeles”. And Keong Sim has been last seen in the movie “The Last Airbender”.

Stay tuned and watch “Glee” online.