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Glee Season 3 will have another set of parents coming


Recently we had come across with this update that Glee Season 3 episodes will be bringing in Mike Chang’s (Harry Shum Jr.) parents. And for this Tamlyn Tomita and Keong Sim were cast, they would be making a guest appearance in October 4th episode. Now we have this latest update according to which another set of parents will be appearing in upcoming Glee Season 3 episodes.

Glee Season 3 Episodes will have Emma Pillsbury’s (Jayma Mays), who plays guidance counselor, parents coming up in this season for a guest appearance. And for the role of Emma’s parents the creators have roped in Don Most and Valarie Mahaffey for playing Rusty and Rose Pillsbury respectively.

The reason why parents of Emma will be coming in Glee Season 3 episodes is not known yet but we anticipate and wish that they would be coming to meet Will. As we have been seeing Will and Emma being involved in a relationship so may this be a step forward for their relation.

Leaving this aside Don Most is known for his role in “Happy Days” as Ralph Malph. And Valerie Mahaffey is also a similar face for viewers as she has worked in “Northern Exposure”, “Wings” and “Desperate Housewives”. She has also appeared in “Law & Order: SVU”, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “Private Practice” and “Raising Hope”.

Glee Season 3 episodes will start airing on 20th September so just wait and watch “Glee” online.