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Glee Season 3 Episode 3 “Asian F” Recap


A lot of things are happening in Glee episodes ever since they have returned with a new season be it danger of closing down of arts activities or senior class presidency or trying to save the glee club. This week we had several things going on so read on to know more.

This week’s Glee Season 3 Episode 3 was titled “Asian F” and those who have seen the episode must have come to know why it was titled so as Mike had got into trouble because of this Asian F. Mike had scored Asian F or American A- in his chemistry exam which has annoyed his father. And his father is asking the talented Mike to leave his activities in glee club and become more sincere towards his studies. But how can he do so doesn’t his father sees how talented Mike is?

Mike still is positive about his participation in glee club and that’s why auditions for West Side Story. But we see in episode 3 of Glee Season 3 that his mother tries to convince him to let go his dreams just as she did.

Other than this we had senior class presidency preparations going on in Glee Season 3 Episode 3. Brittany is trying hard to be one and for this she performs on a song. Santana and Cheerios are there for her help. And Rachel is another one to join the race to become the senior class president.

Another interesting event of this episode 3 of Glee Season 3 was Will inviting Emma and her parents for dinner which was not good as expected. And it revealed all the reasons why Emma was not so interested in making Will meet her parents.

We also had in Glee Season 3 Episode 3, Rachel and Mercedes fighting for the role of Maria. And I didn’t get it, were the judges right on dividing the role with two actors. However we have Mercedes going over to Shelby’s side now.

Those who missed it can watch “Glee” online.