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Glee Season 3: Details about the upcoming story


We all know that Glee episodes are most loved and watched by the teenagers and youngsters. And soon the musical series will be returning with all new Glee Season 3 episodes. The Glee Season 3 premiere episode will be aired on 20th September. I know the premiere date is far off but we can always manage by gathering all the latest news about the upcoming season.

We heard earlier that this season characters of Glee episodes will be seen graduating or to be more precise exiting from the show. This news made each fan tensed as all the characters are loved by everyone. But fans can let go some of their tension as producer of the series recently revealed that a few characters would not be graduating, means they will remain onboard.

Before we discuss who all will be graduating we should discuss what is coming for all the fans in the upcoming Glee Season 3 episodes. According to the producer we can expect to see Rachel Berry’s gay dads coming in this season. And Sue (Jane Lynch) will be targeting something much bigger than the glee club and that is the nation. It is being heard that she will be joining politics and Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) will also accompany her in this. That sounds pretty interesting wait till September to watch this.

We will also have “The Glee project” winner in the upcoming episodes of Glee Season 3. Mike Chang’s (Harry Shum Jr.) will be seen as a regular cast this season. And a tribute episode will be aired with a special guest star making an appearance. The producers have not revealed the name of this star yet, so we will have to wait for the official announcement.

Till then wait for the upcoming episodes and watch “Glee” online.