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‘Glee’ Season 2: Too Many Celebs in the Kitchen?


Have you ever been eating ice cream and thought, “Wow, this is the greatest thing ever! You know what else is good? Hot fudge!” So then you added fudge and thought, “You know what else is good? Bacon!” So then you added a couple of sizzling slices and thought, “You know what else is good? Fettucine alfredo!” So then you added noodles and cream sauce and thought, “I’m going to barf.”

Except the ice cream is Glee. And the hot fudge, bacon and fettucine alfredo are all of the celeb guest stars–most recently reported this morning by, Javier Bardem, who plans to “rock the house” with “Spanish heavy metal” in the upcoming season–being shoehorned into the second season of the already tasty delight that is this show.

These are the sort of antics that usually don’t make their way into shows until latter seasons (ahem, Will & Grace).

I’m over the weekly announcements of Justin Timberlake/Charice/John Stamos/Katie Holmes (vicious rumor, thank goodness) guesting in the upcoming season as Rachel’s/Finn’s/Will’s/Sue’s/Artie’s uncle/long-lost twin/substitute teacher/lovechild. And don’t even get me started on the bastardization that would be a Glee reality show. Just let the characters we love do what they do best and bring the show back already. Don’t get me wrong–I love these celebs. But I also love ice cream and fettucine alfredo–separately. Glee can totally stand on its own without the A list to hold it up.