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Glee Season 2 Episode 20 “Prom queen” Recap


Glee Season 2 episodes are nearing its end as on 24th May 2011 the Glee Season 2 finale episode will be aired. So do not miss a single episode before the finale.

Here we have a recap of another such episode refreshing you with musical performances of Glee club, New Directions.

On May 10th, 2011 Glee Season 2 episode 20 was aired and it was titled “Prom Queen”. The title was apt for the episode as it had the prom night on which prom king and queen being selected. Though to some extent the mystery was revealed due to the twitter posting telling well ahead the episode as to who will be the king and queen. The excitement was lessened due to this. But never the less the performances of the glee club, New Directions, were outstanding. As the principal Figgins asks the club to cheer up the bored atmosphere. Some of the brilliant music performances included “Rolling in the Deep”, “Isn’t she lovely”, “Friday”, “Jar of Hearts” and “Dancing Queen”. All were amazing and we also saw Kurt becoming the prom queen and Karofsky taking the king’s crown. Kurt asked Karofsky for a king and queen dance after the latter apologized for his earlier behavior. It brought smiles on viewers’ faces as Kurt proposed this and when Karofsky runs from the scene.

Meanwhile in this Glee Season 2 episode fans saw that Quinn is upset as she is not the prom queen. We will be soon seeing Finn and Rachel’s relation budding. But why has Jesse St. James returned? Is he going to be problem in Rachel and Finn’s relation or is he there for another mischief. Will have to watch that in upcoming episodes.

If you missed this episode catch it online and look out for the Glee Season 2 finale episode in which Mathew Morrison will be singing one of his own songs. And for all this watch Glee online.