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Glee Season 2 ends and Season 3 coming this fall


Glee series is based on the glee club, new directions, how it competes with other choirs and also shows lives of its members. The series has just completed its two seasons as on 24th May 2011 Glee Season 2 finale episode was aired. It was titled “New York” and as the title suggests it showed the glee club performing in New York City in the Nationals.

The Glee Season 2 finale episode took off with all the members preparing for the competition and first step was writing original songs. To get ideas for the songs all of them go out to visit New York City. The club also fears that Will may leave them to join Broadway but Will assures them that he won’t do that.

At first in this Glee Season 2 episode I thought that Finn and Rachael’s relation will be going a step forward with both of them going on a date but it didn’t turn up well. All this was because Rachel aspires to be on Broadway and she seems confused due to this.

Meanwhile at the competition we saw that Rachael making up with Sunshine Corazine by confessing her jealousy for her. Rachael also rectifies her mistake by expressing her love for Finn before going on stage and further on stage also.

Finally the glee club is seen celebrating for attaining the 12th position out of 50 choirs. Few other relations also took another step like Kurt and Blaine accepting their love for each other and Sam & Mercedes going on date.

With this came to end Glee series’ season 2 episodes. And fans of the series will have to wait a bit as Glee Season 3 episodes will start airing this fall. Look out for the new episodes and watch “Glee” online.